Illuminated manuscripts fan and superlative musician-composer Julia Holter announces second album

Exemplary singer from LA, America, Julia Holter brings out new album on RVNG INTL.


Words by: Charlie Jones

One of the creeper hits of the was Julia Holter’s album ‘Tragedy’, out on her LA local Mattewdavid’s Leaving Records. A limited run of less than 400, and it’s appeared on end of year lists left, right and (without giving away Friday’s Albums For 2011) centre.

Her next record will be out on New York label RVNG INTL, the home of Blondes, Pink Skull and the FRKWYS series, which is exciting news. Recorded over three years in LA, it draws together her background in classical composition with her exoperience singing under guru Pashupati nath Mishra in India. Reported influences include Greek myth, mediaeval composition and illuminated manscripts.

The below song, Marienbad was, according to the release, “built while playing around on a Fender Rhodes with imagined imagery of topiary gardens and scenes from the song’s film namesake in mind”.

She says “The first time I heard the mix of ‘Marienband” the garden became so rich. Suddenly there were bright greens, the statues’ edges defined, the fountains pouring… All of these fleeting images and muses are so important. As with the manuscripts, when I see them, I hear voices. I am continually following the voices in the gold leaf. I can’t know them, but I will follow their beautiful song.”

‘Ekstasis’ tracklisting
01. Marienbad
02. Our Sorrows
03. In the Same Room
04. Boy in the Moon
05. Fur Felix
06. Goddess Eyes II
07. Moni Mon Amie
08. Four Gardens
09. Goddess Eyes I
10. This Is Ekstasis

Julia Holter – Marienbad by RVNG Intl.

Julia Holter’s Ekstasis will be released March 8th, 2012 on RVNG Intl. as a 2xLP, CD, and digitally

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