Juke star DJ Rashad starts new label Lit City

New Chicago house heroes Rashad, J-Cush and DJ Spinn, will collaborate to represent all the footworkers out there.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Chicago producer/footwork dancer DJ Rashad has started a new label in collaboration with his footwork teammates J-Cush and Dj Spinnas FACT pointed us towards.

The label is called Lit City and its first release will be an album from Rashad entitled ‘Welcome to the Chi’. As the producers explain, Lit City is a collaboration created “to accurately represent the culture out here [Chicago]. To play the music that is making the footworkers move and evolving the scene”.

Exciting projects on the horizon will also feature a collaboration between Rashad and DJ Manny – ‘The Manny And Rashad Show’, and releases by DJ Spinn and Traxman.

The Lit City producers, known as icons of the Chicago footwork (a response to the frenetic pace of ghetto house and juke music), are “going to be the innovators, and the up-and-coming new guys, who’ve been pushing the scene from the beginning”, in J-Cush’s words. “For the sake of posterity – and everyone else’s careers who’ve been working on this for twenty years – we like to represent the music and get it through to people, because they want to hear it.”

No word on precise release dates yet, but until then check this video of DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn talking about their Chicago footwork night in a previous interview with Dummy.

DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn talk about their Chicago footwork night from Dummy on Vimeo.

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