Juju & Jordash – Jewsex

Get your challahs and hamentashens in a twist over over one of 2012's funnest party EPs.


Words by: Zara Wladawsky

Juju & Jordash are professional jazz musicians from Israel that relocated to Amsterdam and make dance music that’s a fascinating blend of their upbringing, influences, and training. Their newest offering on Brooklyn’s Golf Channel imprint, the second in a four-part series for them, is the excellently named ‘Jewsex EP’ complete with cover art that will make even the most solemn Golem titter like a school-girl. Filth aside, the EP has already been a staple of many DJ’s sets this summer with its analogue-synths clicking and chugging in an almost biblically forward motion. Standout track, Clubsex, focuses around a simple, fat hard-hitting synth line that’s pushed forward by pads and finally explodes into a TR-909 frenzy that this correspondent recently saw a packed club actually headbang to. Right!?

The EP is also complete departure from the rest of their Golf Channel run, which focuses on incorporating jazz musicians for non-club music that is inspired by their relationship with The Holocaust. This dark subject matter, as well as the duo recently contributing a live film score to an old horror film, makes this EP even more surprising, but was perhaps a necessary respite from their more emotional work. Whatever the case may be, “Jewsex” is a solid funtimes EP of Italo jams doesn’t intend to reinvent any wheels, but will induce some giggles as it blows up a dancefloor near you.

Juju & Jordash – JEWSEX EP out now on Golf Channel Records (excerpts) by jujujordash

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