Joker announces special run of 12″ releases to celebrate 10 years of his Kapsize label


Dubstep king, Joker and his Kapsize label have been shaping the genre and dancefloors for the best past of a decade, expanding his so-called 'purple sound' beyond the parameters of its underground milieu. With early releases from Benga, Asa & Sorrow and L-Wiz as well as Joker's work, Kapsize is ground zero for dubstep's storied history.
Celebrating a decade of relevancy this year, the label will be releasing a special series of new 12" Joker releases, the first of which will drop on April 20th and the others in May and June respectively, both digitally and on special edition blue vinyl. One of these is 'Anamorphic', an intergalactic conquest of a track that shows there is still gas in Kapsize's tank yet.
Listen below.

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