Join Kiesza and Djemba Djemba in the ultimate party moment


Words by: Natalie /

A night out is always better when everybody brings something unique to it. From your best mates penchant for EDM covers of Adele songs to the guy in the crew wearing his Christmas sweater in November, #WHATWEBRING makes the night better.

To celebrate #WHATWEBRING, Smirnoff Sound Collective collaborate with fancy footwork artist Kiesza and Djemba Djemba on a video for anthemic party starter, Give It To The Moment. Starting with a bored selfie, the video culminates in a shared rhythm, which embodies the celebration of diversity in a catalogue of various forms, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, culture or style. The video is a playground of beautiful and energetic storylines, including a same-sex wedding on a crowded Bangkok street that brings together revelers from all walks of life.

Throwing open the doors to host a party that is open for all, Smirnoff invite the global music community to shape #WHATWEBRING, tracking a remix journey across five continents and incorporating the cultural nuances of five artists: Toy Selectah from Mexico, Nozinja of South Africa, Laura Jones of the UK, KosmoKat of Japan and Cassian of Australia.

From the build up to rounds at the bar, it’s all about when the lights go down, which signals time for the night to really come into its own.

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