John Frusciante is releasing a jungle and hardcore-inspired album on Venetian Snares’ label

The album is dedicated to his cat, who recently passed away


Words by: Felicity Martin

Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ John Frusciante will release album ‘Maya’ via Venetian Snares’ Time Sig label.

It’s not Frusciante’s first foray into electronic music, having released a series of records under his Trickfinger alias, but this is his first to be put out under his own name.

The album is dedicated to his cat, Maya, who recently passed away. “Maya was with me as I made music for 15 years, so I wanted to name it after her,” Frusciante says. “She loved music, and with such a personal title, it didn’t seem right to call myself Trickfinger, somehow, so it’s by John Frusciante.”

‘Maya’ is inspired by ’91 to’96 UK breakbeat, hardcore and jungle, the music Frusciante started dancing to after frequenting drum ‘n’ bass club nights in LA. He got into Venetian Snares’ music at the 2003 Autechre-curated ATP, eventually becoming friends with the producer and collaborating as Speed Dealer Moms.

Speaking about the album, Frusciante said: “I don’t have that interest in singing or writing lyrics like I used to. The natural thing when I’m by myself now, is to just make music like the stuff being released this year. I really love the back and forth with machines and the computer.”

Continuing, he said: “For a full year before I started this record, I worked within self-imposed limitations and rules that made the music-making process as difficult as possible, programming for programming’s sake. After a full year of that, I decided to make things easier, to the degree that I could regularly finish tracks I enjoyed listening to, while continuing many of the practices I‘d developed.

“Throughout the recording of ‘Maya’, I would prepare to make each track very slowly, but would finish tracks very quickly. I’d spend weeks making breakbeats, souping up a drum machine, making DX7 patches, and so on. By the time an idea came up that seemed like the beginning of a tune, I had a lot of fresh elements ready to go.”

Listen to lead track ‘Amethblowl’ below.

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