Joanna Newsom and Philip Glass are working together

Plinky plonk fans rejoice – the young harpist and old composer are collaborating in San Francisco.


Words by: Charlie Jones

For a benefit concert at the Henry Miller Memorial Library, Joanna Newsom, who sings words that sound like each other while playing a harp, and Philip Glass, who tells musicians to play notes that sound like each other, will perform together with violinist Tim Fain. The three will play their favourite tunes by the other, and will also perform a new, jointly devised piece on June the 25th at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.

Interesting fact – both Joanna and Philip have contributed music to a Jim Henson show / movie. Philip Glass wrote a short composition for Sesame Street in 1979, below, and Joanna contributed vocals to the latest Muppet Show theme song, which you can hear on Stereogum.