Joakim – On The Beach

French DJ/producer turns in a weird and wild Neil Young cover.


Classically-trained French musician, DJ, and producer Joakim has released a neat cover of Neil Young's On The Beach. We won't get overly descriptive on this – it's tagged on Soundcloud with the fairly self-explanatory description "Neil Young cover with a modular synth, 808, and Fender Rhodes" – but we will say that with its slow-crawl tempo and all of those Rhodes chords, it's a little reminiscient of the more subdued moments of Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' (think The Game Of Love, Within, etc.). That said, if 'Random Access Memories' had anything that was even half as wild as this (just listen to that sax in the final act!), then it might've ended up being a far more worthwhile album.

The single is out at the end of the month and features remixes by Principles of Geometry, CFCF, and Joakim himself (under his ruff club alias Cray76), while a new album, 'Tropics Of Love', will follow.


01. On The Beach
02. On The Beach (CFCF remix)
03. On The Beach (Principles Of Geometry remix)
04. On The Beach (Joakim's Cray76 remix)

Because Music release On The Beach on March 31st 2014, followed by 'Tropics Of Love' on May 26th 2014. 

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