JME launches phone network

Grime clique Boy Better Know has expanded into mobile communications.


Words by: Charlie Jones

For £20, you can join the Boy Better Know pay-as-you-go network, according the London grime clique’s website. Watch a video from founder JME explaining the bundles on offer, and read the text below.

As you should already know, Boy Better Know is heavily known for music and clothing, so this is the start of something new and as per usual there are no expenses spared, Boy Better Know is now a mobile phone network!! yer you heard right, its a phone network fam and this is a fully functional 3G SIM card, believe it or not we’re also the largest 3G network in the country!

This is exclusive and I have only released a few to start with, once they are gone, they will be gone for a while so grab it now!

Your Boy Better Know SIM card allows you to make local, national and international calls along with SMS, MMS and the ability to download music, games and access free apps directly from your phone.

Boy Better Know Mobile uses the very latest technology on the 3G network, please ensure you’re using a 3G phone for your SIM card to work. If you get the message Invalid SIM, you’re probably not using a 3G phone.

Feel free to max out and use this SIM card to its full potential, not just voice calls, but also video streaming, video calling, mobile gaming, social networking, email or browsing the net.

Go grab a sim card now, wait for it to arrive, stick the SIM in your phone, I’ll be calling you soon…

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