Jme announces ‘Grime MC’ cinema screenings, teasing material from his next album

Ticket app Dice has revealed a load of free film screenings...


Words by: Felicity Martin

A new tweet by Dice seems to have confirmed a forthcoming Jme album, and a cinema screening run to go with it, with free tickets available from 6pm today (Feb 20th).

It says: ‘popcorn at the ready @JmeBBK is coming to the big screen at @everymancinema across the uk free tickets drop at 6pm’

A bunch of tickets have been added to the Dice site throughout March and April, including at Everyman cinemas in Glasgow, Leeds, Warrington, Liverpool and more – with four London dates.

The ticket description reads: ‘Jme fans – and everyone else tbh – you’re not gonna want to let this pass you by. Grab your popcorn and settle in for this exclusive big screen experience, created from Jme’s eagerly awaited forthcoming new album. Wanna know more about just what that entails? Well get yourself a ticket then.’

Julie Adenuga has shared the film poster on Twitter, which reads ‘Written and performed by Jme featuring Skepta and Merky Ace’:

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