Jeremy Greenspan – ‘God Told Me To’ [EP stream]

Junior Boy J. Greenspan returns with a new four-track EP for Daphni's Jiaolong imprint.


Following on from a solid 12” earlier this year, Junior Boys member Jeremy Greenspan is releasing a new four-track EP, which features collaborations with musicians J Borys and Christina Sealey. Like that last release, the ‘God Told Me To’ EP is coming out via Daphni’s imprint, Jiaolong, and mostly consists of driving analogue basslines and gritty machine percussion, although Stylite provides a moment of blissful electro-funk. Like most of Jiaolong’s releases to date, some of these tracks may prove to be earworms that don’t make the hugest impact now, but pop up more and more as the year progresses.

Jiaolong will release the ‘God Told Me To’ EP soon.