Jason Lescalleet – An Archaic Code

Found sound spiked ambience from New England sound artist.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Music that invites the ear to listen is a whole lot rarer that you'd think. It's only in spending a little time – 20 satisfying minutes to be precise – with Maine-based sound artist Jason Lescalleet's new release for ever-excellent cassette label NNA Tapes that this thought is free to bubble up in my head. There is so much out there that screams to be heard – compressed to within an inch of its life, waves inflated to oppressive levels – that the value of a slow, quiet moment has eroded. It's just surface damage, though – bother to test your attention span with the tape's A-side An Archaic Code (listen on the left) and you'll be rewarded. Texturally and contextually, there is nothing too revolutionary going on here for fans of found sound spiked ambience but that is beside the point. The revolution's in your head if you want it. 

NNA Tapes released Jason Lescalleet's "Archaic Architecture" album on cassette on 20th August 2013.

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