Jamie Isaac drops intimate two-tracker ‘Fool’n’


Following on from his ‘(04:30) Idler’ album released in June this year, Jamie Isaac has returned with a new, two-tracked single, 'Fool'n'. Jazzy, low-slung and melody-driven, both cuts find the South London musician at his most intimate. 

Of the track, he's said: “I wanted to marry the ‘wall of sound’ production style, which I’ve been obsessed with since I was a kid, with completely juxtaposing lyrics. The songs about me falling out of love with music which is how I felt earlier this year, there were moments I wanted to stop all together.

"So I wanted that big romantic production style that would classically need a lot of money to achieve from labels etc, and to talk about why maybe that route hasn’t been good for me.”

Check out both tracks below.