James Murphy wants his own coffee and he wants it now

LCD Soundsystem's none-more-perfectionist frontman brings his "detail orientation" to the world of hot drinks.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Forget about Pharell’s Billionaire Boys Club sneaker endorsements or Justin Bieber’s perfume for women. The lucrative world of the foodie is where it’s at, and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem is just one in a long list of prospecting musicians moving into hot beverages. Bonnie Prince Billy recently announced his Bonny Billy Blend on his label Drag City’s site, while David Lynch sells his signature bags of coffee on his website by the pound. Even Megadeth’s David Mustane had a go at his Peruvian blend coffee but has now been discontinued, while kings of kitsch KISS have been peddling Chocolate Kisses for years.

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