Listen to James Holden’s modular synth live session for BBC Radio 3


James Holden stopped by Maida Vale earlier this month for a live session on BBC Radio 3, modular synthesizer in tow.

Holden played a selection of tracks for the Late Junction show, one of which was based on a work by Ornette Coleman. He was joined by Mark Holub on drums and Marcus Hamblett on electric guitar and cornet.

Between songs Holden discussed the collaboration, and how it worked with the Humanizer – a program Holden designed to emulate the imperfect drumming of a human being, rather than the perfectly-on-the-grid timings that come from drums programmed on a computer. “Timing becomes more natural," says Holden, "It doesn’t feel like you’re playing with a robot who’s not listening to you. That's the idea."

Stream or download the whole episode over on BBC Radio 3.

[via FACT]