James Franco’s collaboration with DJ /Rupture and Kalup Linzy is actually incredible

James Franco, film star odd man, has collaborated with performance artist Kalup Linzy for an EP on DJ /Rupture's label, hear the results inside.


Words by: Charlie Jones

James Franco, Hollywood’s current odd leading man, has teamed up with a performance artist called Kalup Linzy to form the band Kalup and Franco. Now, when we heard about this a month ago, we thought that this news had “horrific” written all over it, but it’s actually really cool, thanks in no small part to the help of DJ /Rupture, the American producer and theorist of some note that more people in England should listen to, and on whose Dutty Artz, label it will be released on. Listen to it below, now!

Dutty Artz will release Kalup and Franco’s ‘Turn It Up’ EP on the 15th July 2011