James Ferraro – Eternal Condition / Stuck 2

Creepy, creeping new single from the master pop culture commentator.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

"Did you wish yourself away?" sings James Ferraro on the first single from his upcoming new album 'HELL, NYC 3:00 AM' [due 15th October on Hippos In Tanks]. The LA-based artist's voice reeks of the exhausted detachment that fans of Hype Williams or sufferers of insomnia will be familiar with. As the title indicates, Eternal Condition / Stuck 2 is a tale in two halves. The first treads fertile land in-between murky hip hop and R&B loneliness, while part two provides a slap round the face in the form of a sample from 9/11 news coverage before descending into the looping, echoing, decaying toots of a lost chamber orchestra. It's awkward and it's creepy, i.e. it's Ferraro on good form. 

Hippos in Tanks will release James Ferraro's new album 'HELL, NYC 3:00 AM' on 15th October 2013.

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