James Ferraro’s BODYGUARD project might be returning

Experimental musician/conceptual artist shares a new track called WĒNQUÁN, with the words "TBA 2014".


Musician/conceptual artist James Ferraro seems to be lining up something new under his BODYGUARD alias.

First brought into the world in 2012, Ferraro released one mixtape as BODYGUARD titled 'Silica Gel' aong with a lone single for Hippos In Tanks (which featured the all-time greatest James Ferraro song title, Sex With AXE™ On) before returning to his own name. Today, Ferraro has uploaded a new track onto Youtube under the alias with the title WĒNQUÁN (EXCERPT) and the words "TBA 2014", so you can probably expect a full project to land… at some point this year.

Ferraro's last album was the opinion-splitting 'NYC, Hell 3:00AM'. More recently, the experimental musician lent his involvement to a (currently ongoing) exhibition at MoMA PS1, where new material was utilised as answerphone music, elevator music, and made available as ringtones.

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