Jamal Moss, I:Cube and Jay Daniel remix Peggy Gou’s ‘Itgehane’

Three esteemed producers reinterpret the now-infamous cut...


Peggy Gou’s ‘It Makes Your Forget (Itgehane)’ has made an undeniable impact on dancefloors worldwide in 2018, and a new remix package has just been announced by Ninja Tune, tapping up some influential producers to reinterpret the now-infamous track.

She’s invited Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being), France’s I:Cube (for a remix and dub edit) and Detroit’s Jay Daniel to contribute reworks, and the results are stunning.

“It’s really exciting for me to have these three producers reinterpreting Itgehane,” Peggy said. “The reaction I have received to the song has been such a wonderful surprise, and it’s a huge privilege to see it now being reworked by three artists whose music I am a great admirer of. I love how different each interpretation is, and having two mixes by I:Cube is a particular pleasure as I have been such a fan of his for so long.”

Check out the remixes below.

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