Jackson and His Computer Band returns after a very long absence

Parisian electronic wizard will release a new album on Warp in September, eight years after his debut.


2013 has definitely been the year of the comeback, but does it count if you didn’t necessarily go away? Jackson & His Computer Band today announced the release of ‘Glow’, his second album and first since 2005’s mini-classic ‘Smash’. That’s an eight year absence, and although Jackson hasn’t necessarily been quiet in the interim period – he didn’t stop DJing or playing live, and he even turned out a few excellent remixes in that time – this is the first hint of new, original material under his name in that time.

As FACT report, Jackson describes the album as “a game of musical obsessions and rageous pleasures. I’ve made it driven by feverish moments of revelation and sharing them with my friends…The live show opens a territory of everlasting changes and real time communion with the audience. My Computerband is now fully alive”.

You can watch a (NSFW!) trailer for the album below. An entry for the single G.I. Jane is listed on Discogs as due in July, featuring two new tracks and a remix from Hudson Mohawke, which may precede the album.

Warp will release ‘Glow’ on September 2nd.

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