Jackson and his Computer Band – Arp #1

The awesome French producer shares a boisterous track from his long-awaited new album.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Off the back of the announcement of his first album in eight years, French electronic wizard Jackson and his Computer Band has another new track to unleash on the world – and "unleash" is the right verb for this one, as it's a hectic, thrashing track that takes on a life of its own. Pummelling through the arpeggios hinted at by its title, but distorting and stretching them into configurations much more mind-boggling than that might suggest, this track is impossible not to move to; Vista, the lead single from the upcoming album revealed earlier this month, drew comparisons with Kavinsky, but this new cut is something much more boisterous and raw than anything you'd catch anywhere near Ryan Gosling. Made on custom hardware in what he described to FACT magazine as "feverish moments of revelation", 'Glow' is set to be one of the most impassioned and lively electronic releases of this year. Hear why by streaming the new track over on the left of the page.

Warp will release 'Glow' on the 3rd September 2013.