Stream Jaakko Eino Kalevi’s self-titled debut album

The Finnish musician's sort-of-debut album is one of the most imaginative you'll hear for a while.


Like a true child of the modern day, Jaakko Eino Kalevi had a diverse musical upbringing. First there was metal – more specifically, prog metal, and even more specifically, Dream Theater. Then there was the discovery of music software, with Kalevi making rap beats on Fruity Loops. Then there were random excursions into whatever other genre might've tickled his fancy – reggae, disco, and techno amongst them.

Kalevi has been releasing short runs of singles and albums for a few years now, mostly recorded while he was working as a tram driver in Helsinki, but it was 2013's 'Dreamzone' EP for Domino subsidiary Weird World that caught our attention: lush-sounding, groovy, and incredibly well-written, the EP and its Beats In Space-released follow-up 'Ying Yang Theatre' became firm favourites at Dummy.

The self-titled 'Jakko Eino Kalevi' is the Finnish artist's first widely-distributed album and is therefore being billed as something of a debut. If it is a debut, then what an introduction: the 10 songs that make up the record are some of the most imaginative you'll hear for a long while.

Check the full album out below, a week ahead of its release.

Live dates:

June 9th: Babel, Malmo
June 10th: Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm
June 11th: SubScene, Oslo
June 13th: Sideways Festival, Helsinki
June 17th: L'espace B, Paris
June 18th: OT301, Amsterdam
June 19th: Courtyard Theatre (Album Launch Show), London
June 23rd: Green Door Store, Brighton

July 3rd: MoxxoM Open Air, Gorlitz
July 4th: Pact Zollverein, Essen
July 11th: Festival de la Cite, Lausanne

Weird World release 'Jaakko Eino Kalevi' on June 15th 2015 (buy).