J Fernandez – Real Flowers

The Chicago artist who only performs in his bedroom has revealed another lovely track.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

J Fernandez is a performer in the introverted, invisible way in which it is possible to be a performer in 2012, composing and playing his music solely in the confines of his own cosy apartment.

In this latest cut, the romantic swoon that is ‘Real Flowers’, his voice sounds at its biggest and best, roaming over a swarm of synths and instruments that he played, recorded and produced himself. Each creation he reveals is better than the last, and has us eagerly looking forward to the day that he gets a band together and gets out of his bedroom walls for a 2013 release.

Until then, Morning Ritual will release J Fernandez’s double EP, No Luck and Olympic Village, on the 29th October. Stream the stunning new song below.

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