Ital is releasing another album!

Brooklyn producer Daniel McCormick is set to release his second full-length LP of 2012.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

After a quick-fire succession of stunning singles in 2011 and the Hive Mind LP released earlier this year, Ital has been one of the most pro-active and engaging producers around in the last two years.

Determined to hold on to that mantle, Brooklyn-based Daniel McCormick has just confirmed the release of his second LP of the year. Dream On is set to be a seven track record, out via Planet Mu on the 16th October.

Featured in our best albums of 2012 so far, Hive Mind was a bold, bodily whirlwind of a record, and judging by the clunky sounds of his recent cut ‘Culture Clubs’, which you can stream below, Dream On seems likely to be heading in the same adventurous, distinctive direction.