!!! introduce Shockwave Riderz

!!!'s Nic Offer tells us why you should be listening to the scuzzy Pittsburgh trio.


Shockwave Riderz are a three piece from Pittsburgh consisting of Phil Boyd, Sara Mac and !!! drummer Paul Quattrone who make fuzzy garage rock. !!!‘s Nic Offer, currently touring the US in support of new album ‘THR!!!ER’, tells us why Shockwave Riderz are more than a mere side project.

Nic Offer: “When our drummer Paul first told us he had a new band, I thought “yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever”. But when he played me their song Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Speedway, I didn’t have to fake it. Yeah, a lot of bands think they can have a hot chick coo through a reverb pedal, dial up some distortion, set the controls for the heart of Jesus and Mary Chain and sit back and not have to load the van anymore. Shockwave Riderz features the original Modey Lemon duo of Paul Quattrone and Phil Boyd, along with Sara Mac. Their songs are made using only samplers, guitar pedals, drums and vox. They made it their mission to mine the bowels of 60s garage, pop, R&B and psych and ended up with more than the usual sound of your jerkoff cousin and his sampler (not to offend any jerkoff cousins out there). I haven’t seen them live yet, but we’re doing some touring with them this summer and if they ain’t cuttin it, they’re gonna hear about it. They have a single out now on a self released three-song 12”.”

Shockwave Riderz – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Shockwave Riderz – Cruisin’ The Night