Inmates forced to dance to Usher

An Ohio prison deputy has been fired for making one inmate do the worm and the robot to Usher's hit Yeah! for phone time, which he did, he says "to ease tensions in jail".


Words by: Charlie Jones

Dominic Martucci, an Ohio prison deputy, was fired this week after it was found out that he made five inmates dance to Usher’s hit Yeah! in order to get special privileges, like using a microwave or a mobile phone.

According to The Huffington Post, one inmate did the worm over the notes of the legendary song, while another said he did the robot so that he could use a phone to contact relatives after a family member’s death.

The deputy apparently invited a bunch of his colleagues to watch the dance contest go down. Some of them told the investigators that the Yeah! contest only lasted a few seconds, but several inmates say the dancing went on for at least some minutes.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation after an inmate reported the fact, and the 35-year-old Martucci was fired for violating department policies by mistreating inmates, acting inappropriately and having a cellphone in the jail, apparently used to play the Usher’s banger.

Martucci admitted making a mistake but told the sheriff he was only trying to ease tension in the jail. He also added his actions were wrong, and he had not planned to ask the inmates to dance. On the other hand, one of the inmates told investigators he felt “humiliated” for being forced to dance to Usher in front of other inmates.