Inga Copeland – Higher Powers [mixtape]

Download six free new tracks from the Hype Williams artist.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Inga Copeland has, characteristically, just dropped a new mixtape titled ‘Higher Powers’ on Soundcloud without any preamble or warning. It’s dated 2012, and some of the tracks have been heard before – we were particularly taken with the forlorn, city-bound BMW when we first heard it last year – but on the whole it’s all newly unveiled work. Sketched together with wistful observations of urban life, tentative synth pulsations and bassy echoes and closed with Scratcha DVA’s high-impact input, it’s the kind of listen that takes your emotions on a quick 20-minute joyride, whizzing through the dead-eyed streets and somehow making alienation into something totally empathetic.