Inga Copeland – Fit

Copeland drops an ethereal number on her newly-minted Youtube account.


Hype Williams' Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland may no longer be affiliated but that hasn't stopped them from making music. In fact, the two seem to be as prolific as ever – Blunt recently dropped a free album he recorded in a Moscow hotel room, and now Copeland has debuted a new song, Fit

Fit has been uploaded to a new Youtube account under the straightforward username "copeland", marking it out from the existing, vowelless "cplnd" Soundcloud account that Blunt still seems to be in control of.

It's an ethereal track, all lonely pads, deep bass, isolated handclaps and haunting vocals, and it suggests that the Hype Williams separation hasn't really halted business as usual for the the parties involved.


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