Indigo Bunting – Kensington [stream]

Silly name, ghostly song swimming in juke.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Despite the slightly twee name, Indigo Bunting’s Kensington is actually a shadow-lined piece of crackling juke and ambient. It starts off with skittering drums before widescreen, hold-your-breath, synths pile up and are soon joined by some watery bass. There’s the pause-and-drop moment, and then the interplay of sounds gets going, with alien bleeps and a vocal sample drowning in the midst of it all. It’s laptop atmospherics electrified by some quick-moving drums and submerged in sub bass – all rather fitting considering he’s tagged this with ‘underwater juke’ on soundcloud.

According to Altered Zones there’s a release on Coral Records in the pipeline.

Kensington by INDIGO BUNTING

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