Illum Sphere – Sleeprunner

Promising first track from Manchester supreme DJ and Hoya:Hoya co-founder's debut album.


Supreme selector, co-founder of Manchester's best party Hoya:Hoya, and underrated, often incredible producer Illum Sphere has been toiling away on an album for Ninja Tune for a while now, and today you can hear the first fruits of this labour. Sleeprunner opens with the crackle of a dusty record – you'd expect no less from a deep record digger – before kicking into a minimal synth arpeggio that sounds ripped from a '70s action thriller. The second half of the song is pretty romantic and uptempo, not a million miles away from the ecstatic bliss of his Young Turks single h808er.

We spoke to Illum Sphere earlier this year (choice quote: "I don’t want to be spraying champagne all over some girls in the front row being like, ‘I’m Illum Sphere, fuck you.'"), and he recently shared a previously-unreleased, excellent remix of The Invisible's The Stain.

Ninja Tune will release 'Ghosts Of Then And Now' on February 10th 2014.

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