Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt releases solo tape

Limited to 100 copies, 'Jill Scott Herring OST' is out now.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Almost universally popular among our tiny corner of the world is Berlin (ex Dalston) art-music duo Hype Williams, who make these super odd dub jams that sum up everything loveable about London, memory and drugs, seriously.

The proper album ‘One Nation’ [Hippos In Tanks] is probably my personal favourite full-length of the year, but those HW obsessives nervous that an increasingly focussed release schedule would dent their pattern of flooding the marketplace with tiny-run tapes and side-projects should be further calmed by the news that one half, Dean Blunt, is releasing a 100-edition tape called ‘Jill Scott Herring OST on Trilogy Tapes, the label of Hyperdub / Honest Jon’s graphic designer Will Bankhead. label of It’s the latest in a line of solo releases, with Inga Coupland self-releasing a white label, and the last track they sent us labelled “Dean Blunt & Inga Coupland”.

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