Human Ear are here to save, or at least improve, your day, with help from Julia Holter, Nite Jewel,

The label announces releases from Jason Grier, Julia Holter and Jeepneys - stream them here.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Following on from the blogosphere success of Jason Grier’s tracks “Heart-Shaped Rock” and “Nothing Nothing”, he has finally dropped the first full-length release in his “(anti)love”-themed series with Human Ear. Containing the two popular tracks, as well as four new ones, the Heart-Shaped EP features vocals from Ramona Gonzalez of Nite Jewel throughout. You can listen to it in full here:

Heart Shaped EP (w/ Nite Jewel) by Human Ear

But wait! There’s more! “Jeepneys”: also released this surreal video for her song Lats Yerk, directed by Siobhan Aluvalot. Fluorescent, masked dancing bodies and stilted, 1990s-esque digital effects make for some bizarre viewing; fitting for such a bizarre (and brilliant) track.

Lats Yerk from Siobhan Aluvalot on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, Julia Holter has the honour of being Human Ear’s first ever vinyl release. Side A, which you can stream below, gives a sneak peek into her Translations series, in which she interprets global, kitsch songs in her own way by forming surreal poetry from their word sounds. It has to be heard to be understood.

Julia Holter – Maria + 2HB – Deluxe 7” by Human Ear

Human Ear released ‘Heart-Shaped EP’, ‘Lats Yerk’, ‘Maria’ and ‘2HB’ on 12th July 2011.