Hot Sugar – ‘Made Man’ EP

The NY producer's EP is as hyperactive as an actual sugar rush.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

NY producer Hot Sugar has a new EP up on his Bandcamp today, and listening to it is probably the most fun you can have on an otherwise grey Wednesday afternoon. Rich with hyperactive production that wraps itself around "hella subversive" lyrics from the likes of Heems, Kool AD, Big Baby Gandhi and Kitty, it's a colourful and optimistic splash of alternative hip hop, with so many ideas packed into each bar it feels like it might topple down in the hands of a less talented artist. We've shared the whole thing for streaming below, because it's worth a spin or five; if you fancy a copy, get it for the price of your choice here.

Heems and Kitty recently spoke to Dummy for a feature on the vanishing straight lines of hip hop and the evoution of "struggle rap" – read more about that here. 

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