Hot Chip – Dark & Stormy

The pop band announce a one-off 10" single following on from last year's 'In Our Heads'.


Hot Chip have announced a new, one-off single named Dark & Stormy. Coming off the back of last year’s full-length ‘In Our Heads’, the single is the sort of taut pop song with new wavey influences that the group made their name on. True to its name, there’s a dash of melancholy that pervades throughout the verses and in the bleepy, crunchy-beat breakdown in the middle. Whilst Hot Chip’s albums are often hit-and-miss affairs, there’s no denying that when they’re good, they’re great. You can add Dark & Stormy to their catalogue of good tunes – Hot Chip are gonna have a hell of a ‘Best Of’ in a few years time.

The single will drop on a 10” next month alongside remixes from ‘In Our Heads’, including stellar reworks by Todd Terje and Daphni. For anybody looking to do the timewarp, check out our Dummy Film About Hot Chip from the “vaults”.

Domino will release Dark & Stormy on July 22nd.

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