Hood to re-issue Cold House and release 6-CD anthology box-set

Heavy-weight vinyl of seminal 2001 indie-rock album and even bigger compilation by the Leeds band announced for release.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Hood, the highly regarded Leeds-based band are to be celebrated with a hefty double release through Domino. Hood were formed in 1990 and released nine full length albums and 17 singles before a long-term hiatus after their latest album in 2006 and developed a style that ranged from noise and post-rock to processed piano pieces, hip-hop and electronica.

‘Cold House’, the band’s best known and best loved album is being re-issued to coincide with the tenth anniversary of its release in a limited edition vinyl run of 500 with a double-gatefold LP cut at 45 rpm to ensure the very best sound quality. Also being released is ‘Recollections’, a fully stocked, bumper package featuring all of Hood’s Domino released studio albums and EP’s and ‘The Hood Tapes’, a 24 song bonus CD of rare and previously unreleased recordings.

The ‘Cold House’ re-issue is released on 20th February and so is ‘Recollections’, although the latter can be purchased now exclusively from the Domino shop, and is well worth a listen

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