Holly Herndon – Fade

Holly Herndon turns a stark, inhuman machine composition into something downright danceable on her new album for RVNG Intl.


As a teenager, Holly Herndon left her Tennessee hometown and went to Berlin. There, as is standard practise, she discovered techno, becoming both a “party dweller and performer”. When she returned to the States, she pursued a masters in Electronic Music – ‘Movement’, a 7-track LP set for release on the untouchable imprint RVNG Intl. on November 13th, is the culmination of this work, a marriage of her clubbing sensibilities with her compositional ones.

When even the most defiantly undanceable avant-garde music will declare a techno influence of some sort nowadays, there’s something refreshing about the sheer bounce and swing there is in the album cut Fade, where icy electronic minimalism and deliberately inhuman vocal manipulation compliment the drum programming and a surprisingly jacking bassline to create something that feels as much coldwave as it does Chicago house.

RVNG Intl will release ‘Movement’ on the 13 November 2012.