Hiroto Kudo – Magic Raincoat

Charming evocation of a rainy day by fine-eared Japanese producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Released via eclectic Japanese net-label Tanukineiri Records, Magic Raincoat is fantastically composed piece of electronic music from Sendai-based producer Hiroto Kudo. From its quiet beginnings with the sampled pitter-patter of rain to its increasingly bustling dynamic, Kudo perfectly evokes the lighthearted urgency of a rainy day. Charming one-note piano patterns grow into heavy chords, electric bleeps increase their frequency, a drip-dropping beat skips along until the moment when everything stops – that moment when you shut the door on a sudden shower and feel the relief of the dry indoors. Kudo turns the natural rhythms of life into something cute and, yep, magical.

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