Hejira – Name Surname

The soulful three-piece arrive on the Floating Points' co-owned Eglo Records imprint.


Hejira released an album in 2013 called 'Prayer Before Birth' via Matthew Herbert's label, Accidental Records. A few months after that record came out, the band debuted another song: Floating Test, a collaboration with Floating Points.

Floating Test, it seems, was the start of a fruitful relationship: Hejira's new EP, 'Name Surname', comes out via the Floating Points co-owned Eglo Records imprint on April. 6th Building on the symphonic songwriting of their debut, its title track is a more soulful and texturally lusher affair than their debut.

Londoners will be able to see Hejira play live at the 100 Club on April 3rd in support of the EP, with support from DIY musician (and frequent Dean Blunt collaborator) Joanne Robertson, with Floating Points on the decks.

Eglo Records release the 'Name Surname' EP on April 6th 2015.