Hear two new songs from James Blake

Hear the RZA-featuring 'Take A Fall For Me' and the Big Boi-sampling 'Every Day I Ran' from the blubstep crooner.


It seems that barely a day goes by without something else by James Blake creeping out. This time it’s two things – Take A Fall For Me, from his new album ‘Overgrown’ featuring the RZA, and a take on Big Boi’s Every Day I Ran that acts as the album’s bonus track. The former is a piece of abstract, distant hip hop – probably as close to out-and-out hip hop as you’re likely to hear from Blake. The latter is very different – introducing Big Boi’s sampled voice at the very beginning of the track, Blake immediately proceeds to bury him in the mix, until he is at first an echo, then a whisper, then entirely absent.

And then it kicks in.

Stream the two tracks on Blake’s Tumblr.

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