Premiere: Hawkon – Acceleration Meditation

An floaty, weightless jam from new Bergen-hailing singer Hawkon.


Hawkon is somebody we wrote about a couple of months ago when Dare To Follow Methe title track from his debut EP, surfaced. Originally hailing from Bergen, Hawkon now lives in London and writes smooth R&B-leaning jams that we're going to describe as 'floaty'. Case in point: Acceleration Meditation is an airy, weightless song that glides above the listener and into the clouds rather than hitting them with a guttural low-end blast.

Acceleration Meditation is the final song to emerge from 'Dare To Follow Me', and comes produced by studio partner Peter Béla Jarrett. The rest of the EP sees Hawkon work with Blue May, whose most recent work was on Kindness's 'Otherness'.