Harmonizer – World Complete

A total embrace of everything from two synth musicians, out on Ford & Lopatin's Software label.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Here’s a totally great synth EP from this Vermont-based duo Harmonizer. Made up of two stalwarts of the scene, Greg Davis (whose solo work Kranky, Carpark and so on have put out) and Toby Aronson, who runs the superlative label NNA Tapes, ‘World Complete’ is put out by Software, an imprint ran by Joel Ford and Daniel Lopatin, who record together as Ford & Lopatin.

What’s so appealing about this release for me is the huge ambition of the sound, the perfect playing with texture they have, and also this incredible sense of balance their music contains within it. Their music is described (by them) as 5th World Music, presumably a play on the 1980 album by Jon Hassall and Brian Eno, Fourth World Music, and it fits it pretty well – it’s like a totally global sound, if the globe was made up five dimensions, and all things from the Aztecs to Cologne 1969 to the invention of wormhole travel to the birth of Muhammed were able to happen at once. Also, the cover is totally gnarly, it really is.

Harmonizer: World Complete by alteredzones


Software released Harmonizer’s EP ‘World Complete’ today

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