Hardwell and other Dutch EDM DJs come out publicly against lockdown measures

The post has sparked disappointment among Hardwell fans


Words by: Felicity Martin

A host of Dutch EDM DJs including Hardwell and DJ Chuckie have signed a statement saying they stand against their government’s lockdown measures.

A new video has emerged, seemingly in a bid to spark a social media movement, of DJs saying statements like “Free the people” in Dutch.

Someone on Reddit has translated the post’s accompanying text into English:

“We won’t “shut up” any longer. #IMquitting. This can’t go on any longer. We stand for good public health, our economy is at breaking point, human behaviour is being criminalised, and what about the future of our children?

We want clarity. We had to watch the past 6 months how we kept moving backwards instead of forwards. That’s why we demand honesty and transparency.

What’s the point of non-medical masks and the 1.5m? How reliable is the PCR-test and why is the government devoting research? Why are critic doctors being silenced? [sic] Fear is the greatest suppressor of the immune system.

How can you justify that you’re scaring masses? Where did the flu go? How deadly is this virus? This is just a fraction of our questions. The ¿Fireletter? Which has been signed by 2555 health professionals is already in the house of representatives. The petition against the emergency law has already been signed 350k times.

We’re saying NO in a symbolical way against all measurements until the government can justify the policy.

Are you with us? Share this video and make one for your environment. Only together we can get the government under control.”

One Reddit user commented: ‘As a long time Hardwell fan and citizen of The Netherlands I’m kinda disappointed in this. Everyone knows it’s not a good idea to have festivals or parties right now.’

Recently, there was anger within the underground electronic music community over DJs playing what have been termed ‘plague raves’ to large crowds in Europe.

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