Hairy Hands – Space

Stream a new song from imaginative so-and-so Hairy Hands' new EP, 'Battlecat' - which is about an imaginary cat from space who battles (obviously).


Hairy Hands – a musician so named because, we can only assume, his hands are hairy as hell – is a guy whose real name is James Bright and who lives out in the Hampshire countryside. We heard him recently singing on Morgan Hislop's tongue-twistingly-titled Bright As The Moon But Darkened By The Drama, and now he's got an EP coming called 'Battlecat'.

Whereas most male solo singer-songwriters around his age seem hellbent on flooding the world with introverted sad bangers (wah, I'm so fragile, I keep messing up in love and it's all my fault, women never have any agency in my songs, wah wah wahhh), Bright clearly has a bit of imagination. The 'Battlecat' EP is named after a character that he created when he was bored, or something – it's an imaginary cat, from space, and Bright's even drawn a comic about Battlecat's adventures.

The full EP features a range of collaborators – Kwake Bass (DOOM, Kate Tempest), Andy Ramsay (Stereolab) playing drums, some sax from Jack Wylie (Portico), some keys from Mark Rainbow (Laurel Collective), and mastering from Matthewdavid (Brainfeeder/Leaving Records) – and is due on Tape Club Records in February.

Tape Club Records release the 'Battlecat' EP on February 25th 2015.