Grumbling Fur announce new album ‘Preternaturals’

Very English-sounding psychedelic duo Grumbling Fur release their third album through The Quietus Phonographic Corporation. Stream new song All The Rays now.


The Quietus put Grumbling Fur's second album 'Glynnaestra' at the top of their list of favourite albums last year. This act spurred the psychedelic duo on to approach the publication with a view to releasing some of their music through The Quietus Phonographic Corporation, a record label set up by The Quietus in order to release music that they love that no one else was bothering to (which, in the year-and-a-bit since its inception, has put out an EP by East India Youth and, er, literally nothing else).

tQPC (quite a mouthful when you say it aloud) obliged, and will release 'Preternaturals', Grumbling Fur's third album, on August 11th. A press release tells us that the album is influenced by "Spacemen 3, Faust, 'Ram'-era Paul McCartney, dub, [and] Philip K. Dick" and was recorded earlier this year in some spooky house or other adorned by the art of occult illustrator Austin Osman Spare. The full package is quite lovely – heavyweight vinyl, CD, and digital release, with artwork designed by Turner Prize-nominated artist Mark Titchner and a collaboration with Tim Burgess tucked into the tracklist.

'Preternaturals' is being led by new song All The Rays, which is a totally lovely, bright-eyed pop song. It's psychedelic – not lax, stoner-y 'psych rock', but psychedelic in that English, rainbow-chasing sense. A remix of the song by East India Youth appears on a digital single that precedes the album.


01. Neil Megson Fanclub    
02. All The Rays    
03. Lightinsisters    
04. Feet Of Clay    
05. White China Pencil    
06. Secrets Of The Earth    
07. Mister Skeleton    
08. Materials Recording The Fibres Of Time    
09. Pluriforms

Live dates:

June 20th: The Lock Tavern (Camden Crawl, 405 stage), London
June 21st: Koko (Camden Crawl, stage), London

July 5th: Third Rail Festival, Reading

August 12th: Corsica Studios, London
August 30th: Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival, Stirling

September 5th: Oslo Psych Fest, Oslo
September 6th: Festival Number 6, Portmerion

The Quietus Phonographic Corporation release 'Preternaturals' on August 11th 2014 (pre-order).

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