Groves – Send High

New London five-piece air their sophisticated new single, produced by Richard Formby.


Groves are a band, they're made up of five people, they all live in London, and they are new.

Although they've shared the odd demo and remix on Soundcloud so far, Send High is really Groves' first proper way of introducing themselves. And it's a strong intro: produced by Richard Formby, who we've written about a few times on these pages before (long story short: if you're an alternative band from the UK, he's one of the best producers you could get help from – just ask Darkstar, Wild Beasts, Halls, etc.), Send High is a confident and sophisticated piece of songwriting that shows a desire to experiment with sound and reach quite lofty heights.

Groves feel their music belongs in a nocturnal environment, and to that end they run a clubnight called Late Night Grooves in Brixton, where they and their friends play live followed by DJ sets into the night. The 'bands in a nightclub' setup has always been a good one, but it's slipped out of fashion in recent years – if you believe there ought to be more support for these environments, head on down to Arch 269 on April 25th.

LNG Recordings release Send High / Backless on April 27th 2015.

Groves present Late Night Grooves at Arch 269 in Brixton, London on April 25th 2015 (buy tickets).

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