Grouper gets away from that whole “song” thing on tour of European churches

Portland Musician Liz Harris exploring the sound-art side of her practice on new tour.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Grouper, an ambient singer songwriter who is both from Portland and incredible, has built up a quite a name for herself. With music of primal resonance that draws on shoegaze, folk and drone, on her pair of albums ‘A I A: Alien Observer’ and ‘A I A: Dream Loss’ [Yellow Electric, 2011], Liz Harris has made some of the most deeply affecting songs of modern times.

So, it is with a sense of excited trepidation that we announce her next dates will turn her back on this song-based music, under the title ‘Violet Replacement’. A show made up of “tape loops, field recordings and submerged atmospherics” and presented in “naturally resonant and specially customised locations”. Originally commissioned by New York’s project room, a CD of the show will be released by Liz Harris’s label Yellow Electric. Full European dates below.

04/02/12 Berlin, DE CTM Festival ‘Circular Veil’ w/ Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
07/02/12 Alte Feuerwache, DE Cologne ‘Circular Veil’ w/ Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
02/03/12 London, UK 79 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9DY
03/03/12 Copenhagen, DK Mayhem
04/03/12 Aarhus, DK Spanien 19c
06/03/12 Gothenburg, SE Gardaskolen
07/03/12 Stockholm, SE Kagalbanan
08/03/12 Malmo, SE Inkonst
10/03/12 Moscow, RU Aktoviy Zal
11/03/12 St. Petersburg, RU Taiga
13/03/12 Riga, LV Anglican Church
14/03/12 Helsinki, FI Kuudes Linka w/ Tuunsanuuskat
15/03/12 Tampere, FI Telakka w/ Tuunsanuuskat
16/03/12 Turku, FI Dynamo w/ Tuunsanuuskat
17/03/12 Ravenna, IT Transmissions Festival
19/03/12 Milan, IT Spazio O
20/03/12 Torino, IT Blah Blah
22/03/12 Utrecht, NL Rumor Festival
23/03/12 Paris, FR Gaité Lyrique
24/03/12 Brussels, BE Recyclart
25/03/12 Luxembourg City, LU Exit 07
27/03/12 Dublin, IE Unitarian Church
28/03/12 Reading, UK South St. Arts w/ Diamond Catalog
29/03/12 Bristol, UK St. Steven’s Church w/ Diamond Catalog
30/03/12 Birmingham, UK Vivid
31/03/12 Nottingham, UK Nottingham Contemporary w/ Diamond Catalog
01/04/12 Manchester, UK Islington Mill w/ Diamond Catalog

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