Grouper & Tiny Vipers – Demona

Drone / dark folk artists collaborate on Kranky album, which is sure to sound a bit cranky.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Liz Harris (aka Grouper) and Jesy Fortino (aka Tiny Vipers) are combining their respective drone and dark-folk dispositions to make a whole new alias, as Mirroring. The album, titled “Foreign Body”, is out on Kranky March 19 and sure to be yet another fascinating project by Grouper. She’s already worked with Californian avant-gardist Xiu Xiu and is set to guest on British producer The Bug’s upcoming album. There’s a film score of hers at this year’s Sundance Festival for Weston Currie’s The Perception Of Moving Targets but in the mean time, here’s a cover of Dead Moon’s Demona while you wait to see it.

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