Grouper soundtracks new feature film

The Perception of Moving will feature a special soundtrack from Portland singer of note Liz Harris.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Liz Harris, aka Grouper, has soundtracked new feature film The Perception of Moving Targets, due to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival later this week.

In addition to original material composed and recorded for the film, material from previous albums “Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill” and “A / A” also features.

“The Perception of Moving Targets” is a series of interwoven short films about the dark dreams of four neighbours by filmmaker Weston Currie, who began collaborating with Harris after hearing her 2008 LP, “Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill”. Portland-based Grouper has been described as a ‘ambient one-woman post-rock band’, and has released various critically acclaimed albums and EPs.

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