Grimes launches new jewellery line

The Canadian artist's first creation is a coloured vagina-shaped ring.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Grimes has launched an jewellery line in collaboration with the Montreal-based jeweler and sculptor Morgan Black, as Pitchfork report.

Their first creation are the “Grimes Pussy Rings”, which you can see pictured above. The Canadian sensation seems to have worn one during her television appearance earlier this week on Later With Jools Holland. Speaking of the artist, Grimes wrote on her Tumblr page that “Morgan Black is a prominent Montreal Artist, Jeweler, sculptor, etc etc etc etc who refuses to have a website so i don’t have any links.”

Grimes also mentioned on Twitter that she is planning to shoot the video for “Genesis” in Los Angeles (where she’ll be moving soon) in June. The artist is seeking “hot girls who can dance & r willing to be zombie angels and blow up cars and televisions.”

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