Goodbye to all that: Sandwell District and The Studio end operations

Brutalist British techno label and Swedish Balearic rock stars end operations on first working day of 2012.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Two of underground electronic music’s most interesting voices have put “making/releasing music” on their to-quit resolutions list.

Midlands-based record label Sandwell District began releasing dramatic, industrial-influenced techno in 2005, injecting some much needed dark romance and imagination into the then-faceless world of minimal dance music. With Silent Servant, Regis and Sandwell District themselves releasing through the label, it became a key proponent of entertainingly bleakly austere transmissions. On the 30th December, the following image was posted to their Tumblr, Where Next: Reminisce with a mix, available here.

So, no more music, more “live actions.”

Another great name in underground music was The Studio, whose two Balearic-influenced rock albums ‘Yearbook 2’ [Service, 2008] and ‘West Coast’ [Service, 2006] were some of the last decade’s finest, which are very worth listening They too have knocked the whole “being a band” thing on the head, via a message to their website.




2001 – 2011



2006 – 2011


Thanks to all involved

see you in another shape and form


/ d


Dummy would like to wish both groups the best for all next endeavours, and request that no other underground institutions commit copycat hari kari.

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